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Having Plumbing Issues In The Kitchen?

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Kitchen Plumbing Service St. Louis

If you're looking for the the best plumbing service around the St. Louis Area with excellent service and a great reputation then you need to call Armstrong Plumbing Inc at 636-530-7555 and schedule an appointment with a professional plumber. 

Armstrong Plumbing Inc. is a full service company that can meet any of your plumbing needs.

The Kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home! Typically its a staple point and an area of high traffic for your family, so what happens when you end up with an unexpected plumbing issue? Whether your Kitchen Faucet is leaking or your Garbage Disposal has seen its last day. The plumbing experts at Armstrong Plumbing are here for all of your plumbing needs we will guide you through the process start to finish and get your kitchen back to working order for your family!

Is your kitchen not in need of repair? Maybe its just a little outdated and your looking to spice things up a bit? Armstrong Plumbing is also here to help with all your Kitchen Remodeling Needs!

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  • Armstrong has been doing business locally since 1989
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to take comfort our customers even more!
  • Armstrong Plumbing has an A+ rather with the Better Business Bureau
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Kitchen Plumbing Services

Kitchen Remodel

At Armstrong plumbing we love to help our customers out with Kitchen Remodeling needs! We specialize in Kitchen and Bath Remodeling and can help get your home in the shape you have always wanted. If your interested in these services go ahead and join us over at our Kitchen Remodeling



Garbage Disposal Issues

Garbage disposals are one of the most useful appliances in your kitchen, but because of the kind of work they do—chopping up and disposing of leftover food—they run the risk of failing for multiple reasons. It’s no fun getting stuck without a garbage disposal and having to resort to a compost bag, so here’s a short rundown of reasons why your garbage disposal might stop working; hopefully this will help you better determine when you should call for professional plumbing help.



Kitchen Sink Repair

There are many different kitchen faucet and sink designs available, but they are not always necessarily compatible. This doesn't always mean that the faucet you want can't be fitted. There are multiple types of faucets. Generally, you want the faucet to match the sink. This is not only for the visual appeal, but also to create a faucet-to-sink compatibility, a higher arc faucet with a smaller sink can create a larger splash.

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