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Sump Pump Repair, Sump Replacement,Sump Pump Services

If  you’ve ever wondered, "What is a sump pump?" then you’re lucky, because you probably don’t need one. But for the unlucky owners of wet basements, here’s the scoop: A sump pump sits in the basement, either beneath (in the case of a submersible pump) or above the floor. It pumps out water that collects in the sump basin, discharging it to the outdoors.  This helps to keep your basement dry and all that pesky water from heavy rains out of your home and off of your hard earned furniture and fixtures.

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Why do you need a sump pump in your house?

Sump pumps are devices placed in the basement of a home to remove water in homes susceptible to flooding. If your basement never floods, you never need a sump pump. If it does flood, having a sump pump is the difference between business as usual and thousands of dollars of damage. Excess water accumulates in the sump basin and is then pumped somewhere less harmful, such as dry well or storm drain.

Even if your basement is not at risk of substantial accumulated water, if it sits below the water table in your area, the dampness that accumulates can itself cause problems like rot and mold. A sump pump repair may be needed in order to keep your basement drier and prevent damage to the foundation, your possessions, and your health.

Whether it be a flood, leaky pipes, cracks in the basement, a high water table level, or inclement weather that causes excess water. St. Louis, St. Charles, Ballwin, Fenton, Overland, and surrounding areas are always a casualty of water, whether it be rain or snowfall, sump pumps provide a place for the water to go instead of in your basement. A sump pump is installed in a water pit that has access to drain lines near or around your home, it pumps the water away from your home to the nearest storm drain allowing for a dry and comfortable living environment.

Types of Sump Pumps

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