St. Louis Clogged Toilet Repair

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Never try to flush any of these items:

  • Napkins 
  • Paper towels
  • Floss
  • Hair
  • Feminine products
  • Medicine
  • Plastic
  • Diapers.

While some wipes and products say they are flushable on their packaging, this is only true if that product will crumble in water. This also means kids need to know to not play around with the toilet, to flush their toys down. Also, if you flush more, this could help, as you do not want to flush down a giant wad of toilet paper.
Another thing that can help keep your toilet from clogging is to not place things on top of your toilet tank. Even though this could be a place where soap, rolls of toilet paper, combs, hair accessories, etc. fit conveniently, it can be all too simple to have something fall in before you realize it, creating a clogged toilet when you unwittingly flush it down.

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Don't try to unclog your toilet without the help of a professional; here is why?

While saving a few dollars sounds appealing, approaching a clogged toilet problem with a do-it-yourself fix can create larger problems with your toilet and drainage system. Let the experts at Armstrong Plumbing service your toilet and drainage needs, we provide affordable, fast and efficient service!

Toilets can become clogged for many reasons, some of these may be easier than others to repair.

Here Are Some Reasons Your Toilet Clogs

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